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Technical Information

Capacity of the bucket?

Capacity of bucket varies of many aspects.  
Good average in calculations are one bucket load of minute.  But it can varies from 15 second to 2 minutes.

Main aspects effect for cycle time are material, moisture, particle size, transport time (wheel loaders spend lots of timer repositioning machine) and operator.

More accurate capacity calculations please contact your closest REMU Specialist.

Needed hydraulic flow and pressure?

Optimal rotation speed is 100-125 rpm and needed flow varies of hydraulic motor replacement volume.  Generally excavators have more than enough flow and pressure. Some wheel loaders and special machines can need special arrangements.

More accurate information of hydraulics please contact your closest REMU Specialist.

How to install the bucket to the base machine?

Bucket needs coupling to fit on base machine.Installation is very similar than any other hydraulic attachment.  There are needed suitable hydraulic hoses and mechanical coupler.

More accurate information installation please contact your closest REMU Specialist.

What is the grain size of screened/crushed material?

Particle size is generally 8 mm smaller than blade spacing.  Example 24 mm blade spacing produces 0-16 mm material.    

By opening counter blades upper position particle size adjusted to be larger.

Is Case drain line needed?

There is available special drain line elimination kit for machines than does not have possibility for drain line.

Quality issues

What materials are used making a bucket?

Buckets are manufactured using only the highest quality steel. Hardox and Strenx are used in places where the wear resistance and extra strength are needed the most.

Other Questions

What is a screening bucket or screening crushing bucket?

Screening bucket is used to separate different size particles and oversized product will stay in bucket.

Screening crushing bucket is used to make particles from bigger blocks or chunks of material, consult REMU what can be crushed. Generally Screening crushers can crush only fractile materials like coal, lime, drywall, glass etc.

Where are buckets manufactured and by what company?

All products are made in Ähtäri Finland by Remu.

What kind of manuals/instructions/documents are delivered with the bucket?

Bucket’s leave from factory with user manual, spareparts manual and CE-declaration.