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Amphibious Excavator

Special excavator required | Big Float E10

This machine will be used to place sewage pipeline 700-800 metres long from Tjørhom. The pipe must be placed two metres below the lowest water level.

In order to excavate channel for a new sewage pipeline in Tjørhomvatnet, it was necessary to hire a special excavator, a so-called amphibious excavator, from Denmark. It stands on floating pontoons.

When the machine arrived at the beginning of the week, the water levels were high after a rainy weekend. This posed some challenges because it was a little too deep.

  • Now we are working around the clock to finish this week, before the next forecast rainfall arrives this weekend, says Helge Jonny Mydland, at contractor Bent Jonny Mydland AS from Sokndal. - It looks like we can keep up the momentum.

This machine will be used to place sewage pipeline 700-800 metres long from Tjørhom. The pipe must be placed two metres below the lowest water level. The machine works on a soft ground or in the shallow water. The rest of the work will be carried out by Mydland with a floating platform and their own excavator.

The new pipe crosses Tjørhomvatnet and goes along county road 468 to the treatment plant at Handeland. It is 2,800 metres long and has a diameter of 280 mm and is a so-called PE (polyethylene) pipe.

The pipe will be placed in Tjørhomvatnet about two metres below normal water level. The old pipe will be removed when the work is complete. One challenge is the height difference of 18 metres over a small massif. The sewage will be pumped up into a basin at the top of the ridge and it will then flow down under gravity to the treatment plant.

The work should be completed by 1 October. The contract is for NOK 3.5 million (excluding VAT).

  • Work is now underway to lay a new and larger sewage pipeline from the pump station at Tjørhom to the treatment plant at Handeland, says water and sewage engineer Svend Martin Klungland, in Sirdal municipality.

Klungland says that work is also being carried out on sewage pipes further up the valley. On the east and west sides of the river Sira, there will now be two main branches leading down to Ukvildalen.

Next year,  sewage pipeline from Suleskard to Fidjeland will be replaced and the capacity will be increased. This pipe is now 15 years old. Generally, pipes like this have a service life of 30 years, but with the large rate of development of about 100 cabins/apartments per year, in some places it needs to be replaced more often.

The elevated basin for water in Ådneram was built some years ago. The private water installation is now being replaced with a municipal water supply. At Fidjeland, an old elevated basin above the high mountain hotel was demolished and replaced with a new facility. There will be many new holiday homes and apartments built there in the coming years.

Photo: A special excavator from Denmark was needed in order to be able to place the pipe in shallow areas.

The pipeline must be placed in Tjørhomvatnet.

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