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Amphibious Excavator

Finnish amphibian solution ensures optimal weed cut

The first model of a newly developed amphibious undercarriage from REMU Oy, purchased by a Danish watercourse contractor. Press release - REMU Oy November 2018

Big Float E10 Amphibious Excavator

The Finnish company REMU Oy has launched a newly developed model of an amphibious undercarriage to the global markets. Developed through the wide experience of the Finnish company's existing production line of amphibious undercarriages through many years, the Big Float E10 is one of the smallest models ever build addressing municipalities and private contractors around the world dealing with cleaning up lakes, rivers and streams.

The vast majority of the Finnish company's revenue comes from the development,production and sale of screening buckets, but a big percentage of the company's activities are connected to amphibious excavators. Now they are presenting the new Big Float E10 undercarriage and the first model has recently been delivered to a contractor in Denmark.

"The concept of an amphibious undercarriage is not new. REMU Oy has been a global supplier since 2003, and excavators fitted with REMU undercarriages are currently working on all continents. We are experiencing a great deal of interest from contractors all over the world regarding the Big Float E10, and now the first one is on site in Denmark," Jari Niemi, international sales manager for REMU Oy, explains.

Big Float E10

Challenged by nature

The Vorning Stream travels over almost nine kilometers from Tjele Lake on the east side of the city of Viborg before merging with Skals Stream. It has a drainage area of​​approximately 119 square kilometers, which is mainly agricultural land. The stream is there to lead away the water, but large amounts of weeds in the stream are increasingly blocking the passage. It is especially the intensive growth of weeds as Sparganium and Elodea that's damming the water masses resulting in flooding the fields and upsetting the landowners.

Their frustrations are known to Henrik Pedersen. He is the owner of the company JYSK Entreprenør, which specializes in watercourse maintenance, nature care and restoration. As a contractor he has been cutting weeds throughout 15 years, and for just as long he has been frustrated by the situation.

"In the past, you had to place big steel plates on the ground next to the stream for the excavator to maneuver on. It also required people equipped with chainsaws to get the job done. It would take several weeks, which was far from ideal.Some years ago, we invested in an amphibious digger by another supplier - not REMU. But as it turned out, it was best suited to open lakes and not to get around swamped areas. Also, its chains wore out quickly working on dry land," Henrik Pedersen explains.

He recently spent close to 300.000 Danish Kroner, approx. 40.000 Euro, on a new chain for the old amphibious undercarriage from another brand. It had to be specially made and therefore Henrik Pedersen waited two months for delivery.


But now the situation has changed. Henrik Pedersen has recently invested in an amphibious excavator from REMU Oy consisting of the new Big Float E10 undercarriage and a Hitachi ZX 85 US excavator of approximately nine tons. That makes him the first owner of the Big Float E10 worldwide. In the beginning of September, it started working on Danish soil, and it's already been a gamechanger for Henrik Pedersen.

"Now we can present and deliver a complete solution against the weeds blocking the waterways, and at the same time we don't have to worry about structural damage to the soil," Henrik Pedersen says.

Earlier,not being able to ensure best practice in weed cutting, his frustrations made him go online searching for a solution. A YouTube video led him towards REMU Oy,and he got in contact with Jari Niemi. As a result of that meeting, Henrik Pedersens new Big Float E10 is working throughout the Danish landscape.

On this particular day both Henrik Pedersen and Jari Niemi are personally inspecting the work of the amphibious machine. Meter after meter, working and moving in a constant pace the machine is cutting through the weeds and loading them off on the banks of the stream.

"This machine is exactly the solution the watercourses need. We can work effectively with it on a full stretch, whether it's on dry land or wet," Henrik Pedersen says.

Competitive solution

Henrik bought the excavator from the Danish dealer, and then sent it off to Finland where the rebuilding took place.

"It has been a satisfying process in which REMU has been very forthcoming and has delivered as promised. Most importantly, the undercarriage is very durable, so our cost for maintenance will only be a fraction compared to the older machine,and it helps us being even more competitive," Henrik Pedersen says.

For Jari Niemi, the trade is also quite important. The Big Float E10 is basically a shrunk model of REMU's existing Big Float E22, which has been on the market for many years giving REMU a lot of experience and expertise. But with a new design and all that experience and knowledge build into it, the Big Float E 10 is in fact a new model for the markets. Therefore, the reception in Denmark is the first building stone for the global markets.

"In Denmark there's a lot of continuous work in, for example, watercourses and lakes, and at the same time there is an increased interest in smaller machines. This makes the Big Float E10 an obvious solution for these challenging working environments. We may not be the cheapest investment if you look only at the purchasing price, but in the long run we are the best investment, because our equipment is very durable and if anything is damaged,the machine is made by standard parts that can be purchased from the nearest dealer of construction machinery," Jari Niemi explains.

At the time of this article was being written, the machine was already working the next watercourse tasks for other Danish municipalities, and Henrik Pedersen might soon once again invest in a REMU solution.

- If the market demand is present, I would not hesitate to buy one more.

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