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Big Float


The swamp excavator is able to perform work in hard-to-reach places, inaccessible to equipment of another class.

Pontoons can be hydraulically narrowed for transportation REMU

Easy to transport

Pontoons can be hydraulically narrowed for transportation which enables fast transitions between the jobsites.
Challenging Environment Big Float REMU OY

Challenging Environment

It can be driven on solid land, through shoreline and to shallow water areas that cannot be reach by normal excavator or by boat.
Customized Structure Big Float REMU OY

Customized Structure

Customer is free to choose any excavator brand to be mounted on pontoons. Big Float can be also equipped with wide range of additional equipment.
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What is Big Float Amphibious Excavator

The Big Float (also marsh/swamp/floating excavator) is a unique special equipment designed to carry out excavation work in the most challenging conditions of swamps and open water.

Shallow water earthmoving works, dredging, clearing waterways and ponds, flood protection, wetland and coastal zone restoration, levee and dike construction and repair, tailing dams reclamation, waste ponds and dredged material placement areas, aquatic vegetation removal and habitat restoration – are just few of many uses for Big Float amphibious excavators.

Big Float pontoon undercarriage is manufactured in 3 sizes: Big Float E10, Big Float E15 and Big Float E22.

Pontoon undercarriage

Transportation by public roads, access to narrow channels without compromise on excavator size?
Big Float undercarriage width can be hydraulically adjusted which allows operator to pull the pontoons together when passing narrow gaps or for transportation and spread them apart to achieve steady positions in operation.

Pontoon Undercarriage

Amphibious Excavator

Continuing engineering and improvement - towards stronger structures

Widening beams of Big Float are specially designed for best possible strength. Similar structure is applied in cranes that are designed to carry weight.

Stability  - security

Security of the machines working in most challenging environments should be the most important feature when choosing the machine. Big Float pontoons are long and low which keep the barycenter low and maximize the stability. Our undercarriages and additional pontoons are designed not only for static buoyancy, but  also for optimal stability.

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    Amphibious Excavator Models

    Choose any widely known excavator brand to mount.

    REMU Models and Series


    8 - 10 tons excavators

    REMU Models and Series


    10 - 15 tons excavators